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Harvard Beijing Academy to relocate to Taipei next year: university

Taipei, Oct. 12 (CNA) The Harvard University summer program in Beijing, a study abroad program that allows American students to explore the Chinese capital while improving their mandarin, will move to Taipei's National Taiwan University (NTU) next year, NTU confirmed Tuesday.

Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Guidelines

The Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award is designed to:

honor the outstanding achievements of people who have studied in Taiwan as a foreign student; enhance Taiwan’s reputation overseas;strengthen and maintain close connections and friendly relations between those former foreign students and Taiwan; and encourage current foreign students to learn from and emulate outstanding alumni of universities in Taiwan.


Ambassador Tsai Ming-Yen confer the “second Global Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award” on Professor Nicolas STANDAERT of KU Leuven and organizes a "Taiwan Alumni Association" event for the first time.

Ambassador Tsai Ming-Yen confers the "second Global Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award" on Professor Nicolas STANDAERT of KU Leuven on behalf of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. The purpose of the Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award is to honor the outstanding achievements of alumnus who have studied in Taiwan as foreign students.

Job-Matching Program for Students from Diplomatic Allies and Emerging Markets

"Job-Matching Program for Students from Diplomatic Allies and Emerging Markets" is a joint effort between Taiwan and the diplomatic allies, overseas diplomatic missions, embassies in Taiwan.


Chinese-language learning centers planned for U.S. after universities deal inked

Taipei, Oct. 7 (CNA) Plans are being laid out to establish on-campus Chinese-language learning centers in the United States, following the signing of a cooperation memorandum between 12 universities last month, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Thursday.


Taipei film festival to showcase French New Wave films

This year’s Taipei Literature Film Festival, which was open on Oct. 22, is to feature a selection of 17 French New Wave films.

The lineup is to include important classics in film history that were created by major directors of the movement, said the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, which organizes the event.

Vietnamese filmmaker wins new talent award at Taipei Film Festival

Taipei, Sept. 28 (CNA) Vietnamese filmmaker Lê Bảo won the grand prize at this year's International New Talent Competition for his directorial debut "Taste" at the Taipei Film Festival, the organizers said in a statement Tuesday.

Lê Bảo's film stood out from the 11 other nominees because of its "condensed shots and unique aesthetic that formed an isolated, primitive and poetic space," the jury said in the statement.

Activity highlight

TAD to Disseminate at Global Youth Forum

The Youth Development Administration (YDA) of the Ministry of Education launched the "2021 Global Youth Trends Forum" in Taipei on November 13. The Digital Minister, Audrey Tang, was invited to talk with youth to empower them around the world to work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Hsuch-Yu Chen, director-general of the YDA, was cheering for youth from all over the world to gain insight into world trends and created a new situation after the pandemic.

Taipei Grand Trail Brand Story

Since 2018, the Taipei City Government has been promoting the  "Taipei Grand Trail" , a 92-kilometer long-distance urban hiking trail divided into seven sections, each of which can be completed in one day,Taipei Grand Trail starts from the Guandu MRT station in the north and ending at the backside of the Maokong,the rear mountain of National Chengchi University in the south, with one-third of the trail passing through Yangmingshan National Park.


CECC to expand list of workers who need shots

The list of workers required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by next month is to be expanded, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), who heads the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), said yesterday, as 10 new imported cases were reported.

Fabulous Taiwan 

Fabulous Taiwan Photography Contest 

Elements at play-

In this time of global crisis, the country that stands and shows excellence is Taiwan, but not just because pandemic control was done well!


Every country across the world starting to once again show renewed interest in Taiwan, creates a wonderful opportunity to proudly show the knowledge and beauty that this beautiful island can share with the whole world.

My Story in Taiwan.

When I was enjoying the sunset in front of National Palace Museum in Chiayi, I saw the dragon statue and wanted to take a photo with the sun behind it. The silhouette looked magnificent and noble.

Taiwan in my mind.

Don’t go to Taiwan! "Why?" Because beautiful and diverse scenery there, especially incredibly friendly Taiwanese people, will fascinate you.Let me take you to explore beautiful Taiwan~


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